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Action-packed Season Three develops major characters and plot lines brewing over the last couple of years. The Mayor, this season's major baddie, wants to become an invincible demon by slaughtering everyone at Sunnydale High's graduation ceremony but he's going to torture them all by giving his speech first. Bad-girl vampire-slayer Faith wants to get one over on Buffy and becomes even more rotten. Angel comes back from hell but isn't sure what to do about his girlfriend. Willow meets her evil gay vampire duplicate from another dimension. Xander loses his virginity but still has to contemplate his essential uselessness. Cordelia gets less whiny and has to work in a dress-shop when her father becomes bankrupt. Giles wears tweed and drinks tea, though it is revealed that he used to be a warlock and in a punk band. Besides the soap opera, there are monsters, curses and vampires (inevitably). --Kim Newman

On the DVD: The DVDs are presented in a standard television 4:3 picture ratio and in a clear Dolby sound that does full justice both to the sparkling dialogue and to the always impressive indie-rock and orchestral scores. Special features include an overview of Season Three by its creator Joss Whedon, and by writers Marti Noxon, David Fury, Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson and documentaries on the weapons, clothes special effects of the show and the speech/verbal tone which makes it what it is-"Buffyspeak". The episodes "Helpless", "Bad Girls", "Consequences" and "Earshot" have commentaries by, Fury, Petrie, director James Gershman and Espenson, in which we find out some fascinating details about the way the scripts mutate and about the particular illuminations added to scripts by actors' performances. After complaints about the Season 2 DVD packaging, the disc envelopes include a protective coating. --Roz Kaveney

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Entire third season of the popular teen fantasy. In 'Anne', Buffy attempts to drag herself away from the netherworld into which she has fallen, whilst her friends continue their search for her. 'Dead Man's Party' sees Buffy receiving a cool welcome when she returns to school. 'Faith, Hope and Trick' finds Buffy teaming up with Faith, a new rival slayer, to repel the threat of Kakistos and Mr Trick. 'Beauty and the Beasts' has Oz suspected of mauling one of his friends during one of his werewolf transformations. 'Homecoming' sees a number of conflicts come to a head as the school year draws to a close. 'Band Candy' finds Buffy suffering from a bout of exam stress, whilst Sunnydale's adult population take a collective odd turn after eating some highly unusual candy. In 'Revelations', Giles is assessed by Faith's new Watcher, while Buffy's secret finally comes out: Angel is back in town. 'Lover's Walk' finds the romantic complications which have developed between Spike and Drusilla being overshadowed by Buffy's decision to stop seeing Angel. 'The Wish' has Cordelia blame Buffy for her various troubles, only to need her help when she unwittingly unleashes a demon upon herself. 'Amends' sees Christmas being celebrated in a distinctly unfestive fashion, as Buffy and Giles attempt to find out why Angel has been sent back to Earth. 'Gingerbread' finds Willow taking the blame for the deaths of two young children. In 'Helpless', Buffy feels let down by Giles when he tells her that the gradual loss of her powers as she approaches her eighteenth birthday is part of a special test for slayers. 'The Zeppo' sees Xander landing himself in trouble when he attempts to prove his worth to Cordelia. 'Bad Girls' has Buffy and Faith set out to eliminate the El Eliminati vampires before the upcoming 'dedication'. 'Consequences' finds Faith and Buffy ordered to investigate the murder of Finch by Watcher Wesley. 'Doppelgangland' sees the now powerless Anya turn to Willow for help. 'Enemies' finds Buffy and Faith at odds with each other when the latter kills a demon in order to steal the Books of Ascension. In 'Earshot' Buffy discovers new powers after demon ooze accidentally seeps into her skin. 'Choices' sees the entire community adamant that Buffy cannot leave Sunnydale for Northwestern University. In 'The Prom', the students are placed at risk by Hell Hounds unleashed in Oz's chemistry lab. 'Graduation Day - Part 1' sees Angel's life in danger after he is shot by Faith with a poison arrow. And in 'Part 2', the Mayor sends his henchmen after Buffy, who offers to save Angel's life with her own blood.

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